Different important parts of a ceiling fan

The ceiling fan can be the best option to use in the room to balance the temperature. You will not feel any type of discomfort or trouble using the ceiling fan in your home. Choosing the ceiling fan properly, one can decrease the use of air conditioner. Many people face different troubles using the air conditioner. If you are looking for a cost-effective g, the ceiling fan is the best option to beat the moderate heat all time. A ceiling fan is quite a popular option for the people who are looking for the budget friendly option to cool their home. It is a quite popular energy saving electronic device which can keep your electricity bill minimal.


The ceiling fan can be found in the different size. Depending on the type and size of your home, you have to choose a particular type of fan for your home. The fan size is determined by the diameter of its rotating blade. If you have a small room, you can get a ceiling fan size of 80 to 10 square feet. For the medium size room, a fan more than 100 square feet is required. For the big room, you will need to have a fan which is more than 300 sq. feet.

A fan has a motor which is responsible for providing the cooling effect to us. There is a measurement on every fan from which you will be able to understand the airflow of the fan. The cubic flow of air flow per minute determines the cooling effect of the fan. The more the CFM of a fan is, the more cooling effect will get from the fan. More CFM is an indication of the bigger motor. If anyone wants to save the utility bill, it is better to look for the medium sized motor.

A ceiling fan is a long-term investment for your home. So, you need to do that investment properly. While buying a outdoor ceiling fan, you need to specifically look for the motor of the fan. The motor is the life of a fan. If you can’t buy a good motor of the fan, eventually, your investment will have no use. A better motor of the fan can ensure the effective power supply, smooth running of the fan and so more. From the high performing motor, you will get noise free and trouble free wind all around the year.

Blades of the fans are one of the most important things of the fan. There could be the number of blades on a fan. The number of blades offers more efficiency. Four or five number of blades with rectangular shape gives a pleasing view of your room.